Interesting Top Ten Lists

The Lists

Top Ten Animals that have caused me to experience fear, shame and/or discomfort

Top Ten Strangest Books I Own

Top Ten Observations regarding the nest of Ladybirds in our front room

Top Ten Things I did whilst writing an essay

Top Ten Discarded shopping lists

Top Ten Injuries I have sustained due to my own stupidity

Top Ten Skills I have lied about

Top Ten Constructions from leftover snacks and miscellaneous items purchased for christmas 2011

Top Ten Awful band names I have been involved with

Top Ten Terrible things my Brother and I did when we were Kids

Top Ten Ways I Intend to Kill Myself

Top Ten Stupid Things I’ve Done Whilst Drunk

Top Ten Pathetic Injuries

Top Ten Movie Moments I wish had happened to me

Top Ten Things I would’ve Invented if someone else hadn’t beaten me to it

Top Ten Forms of Procrastination

Top Ten Randomised Book Pairings

A Personal Top Ten of Illicit or Intoxicated Film Viewings

Top Ten Lessons I Learned About Smiling

Top Ten things I genuinely don’t understand why people do

Top Ten Obscure Things That Occurred in other Countries

Top Ten Literary Characters


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